016 - The Power of Reflection - ProductivityCast

016 The Power of Reflection – ProductivityCast

Consider this: you couldn’t have gotten to this cast without reflection. Consciously or unconsciously, you reflected on taking that action that lead you here, right now, preparing to listen to ProductivityCast. But, downloading this episode won’t simply, magically make you more productive. There’s much more to it. You need to listen to the substance, then reflect on how the knowledge bomb Augusto, Francis and Art drop in this cast will help you. 😉 So, enjoy! Give us feedback! And, thanks for listening!

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In this Cast

Augusto Pinaud

Francis Wade

Art Gelwicks

Show Notes

Resources we mention, including links to them will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

Raw Text Transcript

Raw, unedited and machine-produced text transcript so there may be substantial errors, but you can search for specific points in the episode to jump to, or to reference back to at a later date and time, by keywords or key phrases. The time coding is h:mm:ss.ms to h:mm:ss.ms (e.g., 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.000 starts at 0.00 seconds and ends at 4 seconds in the cast’s audio).

Transcript coming soon!

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