Getting Things Done (Series)

ProductivityCast has a series of episodes on Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. For ease, we have included the episodes here on a single page if you want to listen to them altogether, along with some other episodes from our partner podcast from Ray Sidney-Smith, Productivity Book Group.

Productivity Book Group – Getting Things Done Series

Productivity Book Group is the virtual book club and podcast for personal productivity and related reading selections. Productivity Book Group has discussed Getting Things Done as a group, and the series is embedded below. You can also find these episodes in your favorite podcast app.

Getting Things Done: Part 1: The Art of Getting Things Done: Introduction and Chapters 1-3
Getting Things Done: Part 2a: Practicing Stress-Free Productivity: Chapters 4-6
Getting Things Done: Part 2b: Practicing Stress-Free Productivity: Chapters 7-10
Getting Things Done: Part 3: The Power of the Key Principles: Chapters 11-13 and Conclusion
Getting Things Done (Revised Edition 2015) – Productivity Book Group