049 Virtual Coworking for Being More Productive with Taylor Jacobson, Focusmate - ProductivityCast

049 Virtual Coworking for Being More Productive with Taylor Jacobson, Focusmate – ProductivityCast

In this episode of ProductivityCast, the weekly show about all things personal productivity, we have the pleasure of bringing you our very first interview! They won’t be often, but sprinkled in, we think that hearing outside voices of productivity experts would be a valued addition to the personal productivity conversations we have. This week, we’re delighted we got to sit down with Taylor Jacobson, founder and CEO of Focusmate, a virtual coworking platform for personal productivity enthusiasts like you.

Listen in our conversation with Taylor about his story, what virtual coworking with Focusmate does for your productivity, and what the future holds for this unique productivity tool and virtual coworking community rolled into one.

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Enjoy! Give us feedback! And, thanks for listening!

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In this Cast | Virtual Coworking with Focusmate

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Taylor Jacobson, Focusmate

Taylor Jacobson is the founder of Focusmate, a behavioral technology company helping remote workers improve their productivity. He’s a trained executive coach with clients like Yale, Cornell, and Wharton, a wannabe adventurer, and a recovering pizza addict-turned-holistic health aspirant. His work has been featured in CNN, GQ, The Huffington Post, Men’s Health, and more.

Show Notes | Virtual Coworking with Focusmate

Resources we mention, including links to them will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

Four Tendencies Quiz

The Four Tendencies – Productivity Book Group

Group versus individual performance on tasks requiring ideational proficiency (brainstorming): A review

Estimating the Difference Between Group Versus Individual Performance on Problem-Solving Tasks

7 Studies That Prove People Work Better in Teams

Implementation Intentions and Goal Achievement: A Meta‐analysis of Effects and Processes


Accredited investor (IRS)

B Corp


Raw Text Transcript | Virtual Coworking with Focusmate

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Download a PDF of raw, text transcript of the interview here.

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