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Control Your Day With Jim McCullen

On this cast, we invited a special guest—our colleague and friend—Jim McCullen, to talk about his email-focused personal productivity system for Microsoft Outlook (and eponymous book), Control Your Day

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In this Cast | Control Your Day Email Productivity System

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Jim McCullen

Jim McCullen considers himself a productivity hacker, always looking for ways to reduce the effort it takes to stay organized and get more things done. Jim is an avid GTDer and has built a system called Control Your Day that allows Microsoft Outlook users to apply GTD practices to manage their email, task lists and delegated work all from one virtual search folder in Outlook.

Jim published his book, Control Your Day, on Amazon which has sold copies across the world and recently published a Udemy video training series titled Control Your Day.

Show Notes | Control Your Day Email Productivity System

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Control Your Day (website)

Control Your Day (book)

Corporate Email Mastery (course)

Raw Text Transcript | Control Your Day With Jim McCullen

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