Time Blocking Summit 2020

Announcement: Time Blocking Summit 2020

Join Ray Sidney-Smith, Augusto Pinaud, Francis Wade and Art Gelwicks all at Time Blocking Summit 2020! I’ll be presenting two sessions; using active and passive time tracking to be more productive. (You know I’ll be discussing Evernote in both! 😉 Augusto will be presenting a session, Art will be presenting a session, and Francis is hosting the summit! You’ll get a chance to interact with the whole ProductivityCast team. (New episodes coming soon!)

Time Blocking Summit 2020 is a three-day online conference about being more productive through “time blocking” (using your calendar as a productivity tool beyond just events) conducted from Thursday to Saturday, March 5 – 7, 2020. Each day, fresh content is shared between 8am and 5pm Eastern.

If you are a time blocker who is just starting out, you will be able to see and appreciate the full ladder of skills required to move from one level to to the next. This means that you can be prepared to move past the sticking points that usually stop other people cold.

Register for free here! (You can also purchase an all-access pass to the replays here.)

BONUS: When you register, you get a complimentary, digital copy of Francis Wade’s book, Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure!

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