Ergonomics and Your Productivity

Ergonomics and Your Productivity

Episode 065 | Ergonomics and Your Productivity With James Olander, The Roost Laptop Stand

For James, he found the right thing to work on by being very close to a problem that affected him personally and discovering an unsolved problem in that space.  He had been working at a laptop for years, hunched over, until it put him out of commission. RSI (repetitive stress injury), carpal tunnel, constant neck and back pain.

James started his career in aerospace engineering, worked on satellite and rockets, mainly on lightweight structures. When he came across the ergonomic crisis with his laptop, he found that no one made a compelling solution, something as portable as his laptop, that could help solve the bad posture laptops put us in.  He then decided to put his engineering background into practice and worked to develop a laptop stand that was indeed very portable. He put it on Kickstarter and they rest they say is history.

The Roost Stand is the resulting ergonomics-focused laptop stand. Today, we talk to James about his experience, his laptop stand and the future of ergonomics and your productivity.

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The Roost Laptop Stand
The Roost Laptop Stand

James Olander, The Roost Laptop Stand

Raw Text Transcript | Ergonomics and Your Productivity

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